Kushin Mukherjee

My primary interest is in the nature of visual concepts. How are they learned? Why are they useful? Can machines be taught these concepts? I study drawings as a means to answer these questions.

I’m affiliated with the Knowledge and Concepts LabSchloss Visual Reasoning LabAusterweil Lab, and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. I grew up in Kolkata, India, a bustling city with hot summers and torrential monsoons. Noticing a distinct lack of snow in my climate collection, I moved to upstate New York, where I received my BA in Cognitive Science and Japanese from Vassar College.

While at Vassar, I was advised by Ken Livingston and Josh de Leeuw. I also spent a summer at the Computation and Cognition Lab at Stanford University as a CSLI intern, working with Judy Fan and Robert Hawkins.


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