April Murphy

I am a 4th year grad student in the Knowledge & Concepts Lab. My research has been mostly concerned with the following:

  • Is math and number knowledge different from other kinds of conceptual knowledge?
  • Discriminative and generative models of arithmetic problem-solving. What kinds of memory models do people form when learning how to solve math problems, and can we exploit these to improve learning and transfer?
  • Comparing corpus-based semantic representations to human judgments — how reliable are natural language methods for predicting human semantic knowledge, and what are their limits?


Murphy, A., Rogers, T., Hubbard, E. Expertise and flexibility in number concept representation. (in prep)

Murphy, A., Cox, C., Rogers, T.  Similarity triplets: A new method of acquiring human judgments for cognitive psychology. (in prep)

Murphy, A., Rogers, T., Hubbard, E., Brower, A. (2015). Beyond Magnitude: How Math Expertise Guides Number Representation. In Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.

Murphy, A., Boncoddo, R., Young, A. (2015). Practice makes imperfect: How problem distribution can lead to prototype formation. Poster presented at the Annual Math Cognition and Learning Conference, St. Louis, MO.

Boncoddo, R., Murphy, A., Young, A., Kalish, C., Rogers, T., & Alibali, M. (2015). The Impact of Frequency and Instructional Format on Mathematics Learning and Transfer. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, New York, NY

Murphy, A., Cox, C., Jamieson, K., Nowak, R., Rogers, T. (2014). Comparing Natural Language and Adaptive Querying Approaches for Estimating Similarity Structure. Poster presented at the 21st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, Boston, MA.

Curtin, S., Holt, L., Murphy, A., Hufnagle, D. (2012). Comparing distributional regularities in speech directed to infants and adults. Poster presented at the 18th Biennial International Conference on Infant Studies, Minneapolis, Minnesota.