Tim Rogers, Lab Director, Principal Investigator

Graduate Students
Lang Chen (Ph.D. 2014!)
Chris Cox
April Murphy

Research Assistants
Qihong Lu
Molly Logic
Michelle Dunk
Yannan Gao

Collaborators at UW-Madison
Rob Nowak, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jerry Zhu, Computer Science
Chuck Kalish, Educational Psychology
Martha Alibali, Psychology
Mark Seidenberg, Psychology

Mailing Address
Knowledge and Concepts Lab
Department of Psychology
256 WJ Brogden Hall
1202 W Johnson Street
Madison, WI

tel. 608-890-0690
fax. 608-262-4029

Lab Alumni

  • Andrew Lowndes, former undergrad RA
  • Sasha Bialy, former undergrad RA
  • Joseph Harrison, former Lab Manager
  • Tammi Kral, former Lab Manager
  • Laura Battaglia, former undergrad RA. Currently a PhD student in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Manchester
  • Emily Mayberry, former undergrad RA
  • Steven Verheyen, former Visiting Scholar in Experimental Psychology, Mathematical Psychology (from University of Leuven)
  • Ryan DeRose, former undergrad RA
  • Adam Boldt, former undergrad RA
  • Christie Stencil, former undergrad RA

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